The virtues of stones

Here is why the small charms of Lalla cloth are considered porte-bonheur..

Nowadays, attracted by their beauty, we buy stones mounted in jewelry... But is it not unconsciously we are looking which cannot happen? Are seeking us not what we lost from view?

Our ancestors, closer and more respectful of nature knew the benefits of the offerings that the Earth has given us...

Small history of stones...

Since the dawn of time, all civilizations in the world have always used the healing properties of minerals.
The Egyptians used lapis lazuli that they reduced powder and that they ingested as drug therapies among others.
The Aztecs worshipped stones, fashioned into jewelry they wore in different parts of the body on the basis of their various ailments.
Native Americans saw every stone a guardian spirit and thereby greatly respected them.
In acupuncture, the Chinese master medical science, strengthened the power of their needles causing them to finish with a ball of stone selected according to its vibrational properties.
Ayurvedic medicine very quickly understood what wonderful therapeutic range represented the mineral world.
Closer, in the West the alchemists sought the philosopher's stone, and historically, our religious parent jewels divine properties. The seal of the Pope isn't a beautiful Amethyst in the colours of spirituality?

Today, industry uses the vibrational properties of minerals because they have a unique and regular frequency, all the world or almost has a quartz watch...

It would seem that the energy impact of the stones on our bodies and our psyche is the result of a structural analogy.
Every day we eat our balance-essential mineral elements.
A stone in the Palm of your Palm, or scope in jewel, initiates a vibratory resonance process, which will stimulate organic minerals, filling in of any malfunctions.

Each stone has a vibration our chakras which is clean and we gets its energy by activating our energy doors.
On the basis of its crystalline structure, its composition, its color, it has specific virtues to help a part of our body to regulate and functional balance.

The stones are divided into several categories:
Precious stones:
Diamond = transparent color
Emerald = dark green
Ruby = light red to Scarlet
Sapphire clear blue = medium
Other stones are fine and ornamental stones.

In all there are 4 groups:
-The black stones, which are used to be anchored in reality, to keep feet on the ground and the meaning of the measure. They help to confront fears and anxieties and transform them.
ex: magnetite, hematite, tourmaline, onyx

  • The red stones, which provide vital energy, help to act and stimulate the courage. They promote personal autonomy, the dynamic and positive side.

ex: Red Jasper, sardonyx

  • The yellow stones, which develop the sense of the Organization, the conscience of his personality.They stimulate upward mobility and self-confidence.

ex: amber, citrine, pyrite, Topaz

  • The translucent stones, which encourage meditation and develop intuition and clairvoyance. They allow to elevate the mind and facilitate clear thoughts. They broaden the scope of understanding.

ex: rock crystal, fluorite, Moonstone

Summarized the characteristics of stones (they are not all listed)
-Amber, organic stone, calm the central nervous system. It facilitates change and strengthens the protections of the body. It helps to cure physical and mental inflammations. It develops inner peace and a sense of prosperity.

  • Amethyst, lets annihilate the harbingers of a lover jealous, to expel the bad women and the vipers. Placed the night under a pillow it helps fight insomnia. Powder, it would alleviate stomach pain, improve the functioning of the liver and would heal burns.

-Citrine, stone of optimism, is the image of its lemon color a true pep's that spreads on an Assembly.

  • Carnelian helps the healing of wounds, it has great power against bleeding, blood loss and the anaemias. It helps eliminate toxins in the body and lowers fever, opens the appetite. It hunting shyness, fear and sadness and increases the vitality and dynamism.
  • Rock crystal promotes success and healings. It develops meditation and intuitive capacities. It clarifies the mind and helps to achieve its objectives. It catalyzes the foresight. It harmonizes emotion and creates a spiritual awakening.

-Tiger's eye gives a sense of inner abundance.
-Hematite, iron stone, enhances the vitality and stimulates deep energy. It helps combat fatigue and depression. It develops the capacity to earn money. It stimulates desire and provides a feeling of personal appreciation.

  • The Red Jasper, stone fire, gives a physical and spiritual energy. It facilitates self-expression and improves communication. It stimulates commercial success. It promotes confidence in life and provides comfort.
  • Lapis lazuli has energy properties for lithotherapy care and meditation.
  • Onyx, stone's presence, it develops the sense of responsibility and promotes objectivity and concentration. It provides a sense of joy and helps eliminate toxins. It helps to go to the basics and do beneficial sort in his life.

-The Moonstone is a female stone which develops clairvoyance, receptivity and capacity for love. It promotes the climates of harmony, family achievement, the feeling of happiness. She softens the difficulties and created situations conducive to the Exchange and the feelings.
-Pyrite gives the direction of the Organization, management and structuring.

  • Topaz gives the physical vitality and distributes energy in the body.

-Turquoise, renowned for its protective (Safety), it acts against shyness and excess of emotional. It is a healing stone for diseases of the throat, lungs, as well as for communications issues and stuttering. She was lucky.

To use the virtue of a stone, several techniques exist:

  • Meditation on the image, name or in front of the stone itself
  • Due to carry stone, a day for a week and to renew the experience once per month.
  • Lay the stone beside his bed or his place of work and be aware of its presence regularly.


Agate has soothing and beneficial environmental effects generally.
It reduces seizures and sleepwalking.
Agate is the small eye concerns.
It is effective for headaches, aches, cramps, back pain.
It strengthens the lungs, stomach, liver.
It promotes the digestion and promotes speech.
Some agates capture our attention:
White agate, associated with Ruby, helps to overcome addictions and go through periods of weaning to smoke.
It reduces the sensitivity of seasonal changes and helps the skin stay healthy and smooth.
Botswana agate has beneficial effects on the lungs, skin and glandular system.
It activates the production of red blood cells.
It is used against baldness and scalp diseases.
MOSS agate is effective for diabetes. It strengthens the heart and the blood circulation.
It stimulates the kidneys, spleen, regulates digestion, fighting viral infections.
Protective stone of farmers, forest guards and gardeners, it promotes understanding and links with nature.
The agate of water contains a drop of water trapped for thousands of years.
This stone placed on the temples or on the nape will ease the headaches.
The fire agate reactive memory cells and participates in their regeneration.
It helps solving sexual problems.
It will relieve the uterus and prostate problems.
It is considered as a master healer if it is combined with the color therapy.
Agate crazy - lace is effective in case of allergies. It strengthens the smell, the gall bladder, the bladder and kidneys.
Pyritisee agate is beneficial to the nervous and digestive systems.
It improves oxygenation of the skin, stimulates the respiratory tract, calm the inflammation of the throat.

Chemical composition
Silicon dioxide
The Chakras
Heart chakra for the MOSS agate and according to their color for others.

Brazil, India, Madagascar and across the world.

It is contended that the veined red agate is steeped in the blood of the gods.

The acute marine

Its properties are virtually identical to that of Topaz.
Valuable for thyroid, Mammary, and any problem located at the throat.
Used to relieve sinus, hoarseness, hay fever, sore throats.
Very useful to calm the itching, migraines, dental, ear pain.
Effective against osteoarthritis, muscular tension.
This provides the balance stone, moderates the passions, unravels the speech difficulties.
She brings creativity, joy and hope to its possessor.
Particularly adapted to the strong personalities, the ambitious and to those who have positions of high responsibility.

Chemical composition
Silicate of aluminium and beryllium
The Chakras
The throat and third eye chakra.

Afghanistan, Brazil, Madagascar, Pakistan, Siberia, China...

According a legend, these are seahorses which brought ashore the aquamarine, which would come from the Treasury of the nymphs...
Symbol of innocence, purity, loyalty, it protects the lovers.
It also protects the sailors of storms.


It is a very close stone of turquoise.
Particularly indicated for pain in the solar plexus area.
It strengthens the brain.
It is effective for back and neck tension.
Its composition allows her to help the assimilation of calcium.
Amazonite is a great help to combat the deterioration of the teeth.
It helps the speech and communication.
It is useful and beneficial for depression.
It gives us vital force and dynamism.
Negative thoughts do not affect it.

Chemical composition
Silicate double aluminum and potash
The Chakras
On the heart chakra, it brings happiness and tenderness.
On the throat, to the calcification of the teeth.
Brazil, India, Russia, South Africa...

Discovery for the first time in the Amazon River in the form of rolled stone.
Also known as the stone of Amazons


Amethyst is used to combat poisoning (alcohol, drugs, tobacco...).
It is the stone of the fullness and particularly the hyperactive and the stressed.
Stone of effective to relieve headaches, migraine headaches, Burns, oedema, eczema.
It is valuable against eye problems, water retention and blood circulation.
It tones and protects the liver, glands.
It is a valuable aid for hysteria, neuroses of anxiety, Vertigo, anger, epilepsy.
It stimulates the hair growth, metabolism and hormones.
It has an action on the declines in blood pressure, anemia.
In a bedroom, it will develop a quiet and relaxed atmosphere.
It will contribute to a deep, and calm sleep without nightmare.
It promotes spiritual elevation, concentration, meditation, intuition, creativity and visualization.
Amethyst helps to detach hardware trivia.

Chemical composition
Silicon dioxide
The Chakras
Solar plexus to soothe stomach pain and contribute to the proper functioning of the liver. Base chakra against gout, to the 3rd eye to calm anxieties, Angers.

Brazil, Uruguay, Madagascar...

The name of the stone comes from the Greek Amethustos meaning which is not drunk.
The Greeks and Romans drank in cups of amethyst to protect themselves from the effects of alcohol.
It is the stone of bishops.
Associated with the Apostles Mathias and Judas, it is estimated also by Valentine's day.
It decorates also papal rings and crowns of Kings Christian, all supposed to refrain from any intoxication, was spiritual.

The aventurine

The aventurine is a very soft stone.
It can solve the problems related to the heart.
She comes to grips with high fevers.
In elixir with a Virgin oil, it will accelerate the healing.
A highly effective against eczema, allergies and impurities from the skin such as acne, black knobs.
It prevents hair loss, it is beneficial to the scalp.
The aventurine we brings inner peace and dissolves the melancholy.
It strengthens the self-control.
It makes its possessor generous and loyal.
Brown aventurine keeps in touch with reality.

Chemical composition
Silicon dioxide
The Chakras
The heart chakra, it increases the vibratory flow.
Chrakra Plexus, associated with the rose quartz it strengthens self control

Attended the Brazil, in India, in Russia...

It was once beautiful and famous ornamental objects. Many were imported in Europe.
The Chinese named Yu imperial stone
Symbolism of freedom of mind and knowledge, it accounted for Celtic spirituality, knowledge of magic.

The citrine

It is effective for depression.
It is a valuable aid for all stomach concerns.
It helps fight the nervousness.
A glass of elixir of citrine all morning stimulates the appetite.
It strengthens the immune system and detoxifies the body.
It removes fatigue and helps concentration.
It is useful to regulate digestion and remove bloating.
Beneficial for the liver and kidneys, she fight against diabetes.
It is a stone that radiates good humor, she is very good in the room of a patient.
It is voluntary and daring people.
It agrees also with the loyal natures.
It gives energy to work.
His contemplation soothes the mind and allows to find answers to the questions we ask ourselves.
Citrine has the power to transform negative thoughts into positive.
Valuable for those who lack of lucidity towards themselves.

Chemical composition
Silicon dioxide
The Chakras
Chakra sacred to regulate the digestion, very positive on the solar plexus.

In Spain, France, Brazil, Madagascar, United States...

Citrine was part of the stones of merchants, because it was known to help accumulate the wealth and hold back them in the box, or the exchange of its holder.
Therefore always have a citrine in your wallet!


Red coral is effective for disorders of blood circulation, such as varicose veins, hemorrhoids.
It compensates for deficiencies of red and white blood cells.
It is effective for cholesterol, weight problems or fertility.
It strengthens the heart and decreasing the warts.
He fights anemia.
It facilitates digestion and removes constipation.
The white coral strengthens teeth.
It is frequently stated during decalcification.
It is often used for bone grafts.
Black coral combat negative energies
A precious comfort, it combats depression.
Generally, coral brings stability, opens to the love and dedication.
It develops the intuition, gives energy, support and joy.

Chemical composition
Calcium carbonate
The Chakras
Third chakra and base chakra.

Malaysia, Canary Islands, Australia, Japan, Mediterranean archipelago.

Called tree of waters, elders gave him the power to protect from the evil eye and stop bleeding.
Sacred Stone among the Tibetans.
It is part of the seven jewels in Sino-Japanese Buddhism.
It would, according to a Greek legend, drops of blood from the Medusa, one of the gorgons. It would be the head decided by Perseus, which themselves would be transformed into coral.


Carnelian strengthens the voice.
It helps the healing of wounds.
It has great power against bleeding, blood loss, anemia.
It helps to eliminate toxins from our body and brings down fever and opens the appetite.
Very effective to relieve constipation, colitis, inflammation of the bowel.
Fight against inflammation of the kidneys, fallopian, bladder, ovary, stomach and relieves painful menstruation.
It relieves the kidneys, the liver, the gall bladder.
It strengthens eyes and tightens gums.
It calms the emotional and soothes the anger.
Carnelian attracts the luck, makes happy and brave.
It hunts shyness, fear, sadness.
It also increases the vitality and dynamism.

Chemical composition
Silicon dioxide
The Chakras
Sacral chakra.
Solar plexus for women suffering infertility and frigidity, base chakra for men to treat impotence.

Madagascar, Uruguay, India, Brazil...

Symbol of happiness and serenity, Orange carnelian is prized since antiquity.
The Egyptians said that it offered the protection of the blood of Isis.


Rock crystal is able to break down the light in all shades of the Rainbow.
It is absolute neutrality and can be used on all chakras, for all uses.
Easy to program, the Crystal is a powerful amplifier.
It can be used in combination with all coloured stones because it can adorn themselves of their properties.
Very effective in the glands and the thyroid gland, especially.
It heals all problems related to the digestive tract.
Valuable for dos, and herniated intervertebral disk pain.
Beneficial for the eyes, heart, lymph, circulation, lungs, it also soothes the nervous system.
Combined with magnesite and Red Jasper, it will do wonders for weight loss.
Stone of a powerful energy, it provides protection without fault and we revitalises in depth.
It is a fabulous stone for the work of telepathy.
Different varieties are offered and all also powerful:
The phantom Crystal is formed by successive points on each other. Can make beautiful initiatory trips in the past of our land.
This Crystal can be green, it is a ghost of chlorite, powerful for healing.
The Rainbow Crystal has growth givrés which break down the light and see a rainbow.
Both sweet and powerful, it is easy to program and protects from diseases, negative energies.
Crystal Druse broadcast an incredible energy and are able to recharge any stone to be used again.

Chemical composition
Silicon dioxide
The Chakras
It is suitable for all chakras.

Brazil, Madagascar, U.S.A., Austria, Alps...

The rich Roman patricians thought it was ice that never was based and they owned large blocks of rock crystal which they are drinking hands by time of heat wave. Indeed, rock crystal keeps cold very long, even in a warm atmosphere.
The Egyptians placed on the front of their dead a third Crystal eye to help the soul to find its way.
The use of the crystal ball favors telepathy, flashes, meditation.
A native American legend says that thirteen crystal skulls are hidden around the world. These skulls contain the knowledge of the world and the day or they shall all be gathered, this knowledge will be revealed to us.
Since the beginning of the century last several were found, especially in the ruins of the Aztec civilization.
A similar legend claims that the end of the world will take place when these thirteen skulls will be gathered. Can be no will we not ready to take advantage of this knowledge...


The diamond is the purest of the mineral world.
It represents the purity of mind and body.
It is a master healer, it accelerates the work of bodies to get rid of accumulated toxins.
It stimulates the working of the brain, muscle and immune system.
Very effective to regulate hormones, it also relieve the woman during her menstrual period.
It purifies our ideas, our thoughts, it helps us to concentrate and to achieve our desires.
It protects us negative energies, other and we even. It restores confidence and removes our feelings of inferiority, of jealousy.
This stone is very powerful and is recommended for people with experience in lithotherapy. It can get you very far in meditation, too far can be if you're not ready. All work with a diamond must be done with great caution, schrol block can help dock you.
Careful, the bearer of this stone must remain pure because it incurs otherwise great risks. There are many diamonds that turn against their owners.

Chemical composition
Pure carbon
The Chakras
Great amplifier, it is suitable for all chakras.

Australia, Brazil, Namibia, Russia South Africa...

Symbol for the perfection of purity.
The Buddha spoke of the spirit of diamond, State of purity, perfection that man must reach.
Indian Alchemy combines diamond to immortality and identifies it to the philosopher's stone.
The Talmud mentions a diamond worn by the high priest who determined, in is tarnishing, the guilt of a criminal or a traitor.
In the middle ages, a diamond on which are engraved the portrait of the God Mars overcoming the Hydra, rendered its wearer invisible.
Diamonds, regarded as evil, caused the death of their owners.
The Koh-i-Noor, the Hope, the Shah, the Sancy and Regent have a history marked by murders, betrayals, tragedies.


The Emerald fighting eye diseases.
It reduces the effects of tachycardia, regulates the thyroid.
She has the ability to relieve migraines and fever.
Very useful against arthritis and rheumatism.
It is effective against rhinitis, influenza, and chronic bronchitis.
It strengthens the pancreas, liver and relieves the stomach and intestinal problems.
It will soothe the pain associated with the column.
Emerald brings inner peace, harmony between physical, emotional and intellectual.
It is also the stone of knowledge and knowledge.
Considered a symbol of vital force, it allows to clearly express what we feel.
Facilitating the divination, the Emerald develops responsiveness, intuition, sensitivity, memory.
We recommend to wear associated with other stones.

Chemical composition
Silicate of aluminium and Beryllium
The Chakras
Chakra 3 ° eye, it heightened memory.
Chrakra of the heart, it relieves the emotional suffering.

In Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Colombia...

It gave its name to the famous Emerald table which contains the secret of the creation of human beings, the causes of all things science.
The hermetic tradition was that an emerald was dropped from the front of Lucifer during its fall.
In the eyes of the alchemists, Emerald, called Rose of may, is the cornerstone of Hermes Trismegistus, Messenger of the gods and inventor of all sciences.
The Holy Grail would be carved in a large Emerald.


It strengthens the heart.
It regulates blood circulation, fight against impotence and increases fertility.
It tones the liver, spleen and kidneys.
Pierre effective for strengthen capillaries.
Garnet can be also used against arthritis, rheumatism, inflammation.
It is useful against diseases of the skin and the Furunculosis.
Excellent stone for meditation, Garnet has the ability to connect to Earth.
It helps us to progress in the earthly existence.
It can process the melancholy, discouragement and depression.
Pierre deprecated to the angry but recommended for those who lack imagination.

Chemical composition
Silicate of aluminium and iron
The Chakras
On the plexus, it gives strength and courage. On the sacred, it will stimulate the reproductive organs and restore sexual vigor.

In Madagascar, Africa South, the Brazil, India, Austria...

In the middle age, were given the name of burning coal Garnet.


Hematite is effective for varicose veins and circulatory disorders.
It helps reabsorb bruises, hemorrhoids and quiet bleeding.
It promotes healing and stimulates the rebuilding of blood and cells and therefore decreases fatigue related to pregnancy.
It strengthens the lungs, liver, spleen and kidneys.
Associated with magnesite, it will decrease the leg cramps, releif osteoarthritis attacks and will decrease the risk of strain and sprain.
It allows to be listening to oneself and to detect what is wrong.
Hematite helps us develop our patience.
Hematite has requinquants effects and de-stressing. It soothes, relaxes, purifies and energizes.

Chemical composition
Sesquioxide of iron
The Chakras
Root chakra.

U.S.A., Germany, England, Brazil, Spain, Elba Island, Norway...

Hematite, despite its color is a red stone.
Called blood stone, she colored in red water cooling when the size.

The howlite

The howlite enables the elimination of water and as such, it can be worn to support a slimming diet.
It is very effective to improve the elasticity of the skin.
It helps us remain diplomat, understandable and forgiving to yourself.
It unravels the negative energies.


This stone is reputed to cure the colic and calculations.
The green color jade relieves the kidneys.
It is recommended for all ailments of the urinary tract.
A stone used to limit the effects of the flu.
In the bath, it limits sweating problems.
Very good mouthwash for mouth ulcers.
It is a stone that promotes pregnancy when fertilization does not occur.
It strengthens the heart, the circulatory and nervous system.
Favorable to meditation, it reduces migraines.
This stone refreshes our emotional life.
It gives us a sense of peace.
Jade symbolizes the soul, the spirit, the heart or the nucleus of a being.

Chemical composition
Silicate double aluminum and sodium
The Chakras
Chakra sacred to sterility problems.
Chakra of the third eye for migraine headaches.
Solar plexus for colic.

Burma, China, Guatemala, Japan, Mexico...

Stone of nobility and power, emblem of perfection.
It embodies the five cardinal virtues, charity, modesty, courage, justice, wisdom.
Symbol of Yang, he is endowed with qualities solar, Imperial, indestructible


A stone that emits low energy and therefore must be worn long.
It helps to relieve the digestion and constipation.
Red Jasper stimulates the reproductive organs and allows menstruation without pain.
It reduces bleeding, regulates the liver.
Yellow Jasper is indicated for the spleen and pancreas.
It harmonizes the body and mind and gives us the sensitivity and understanding.
Yellow Jasper is suitable for people curious and intrusive.

Chemical composition
Silicon dioxide
The Chakras
Root chakra for the Red Jasper, plexus for yellow...

Germany, Brazil, France, India, Madagascar, Ural, U.S.A...

Asked by amulet on the thighs of women, red Jasper was supposed to help women to give birth, preventing bleeding.
Because of its red colour, doctors prescribed the Red Jasper powder on wounds to stop bleeding.


It absorbs negative energies, headaches, and the sentences of others.
This property makes a good accessory for all diseases.
It will develop the faculties of self-healing.
It stimulates the blood circulation.
Very useful for relieving rheumatism.
Affixed to the column, it rebalances the vertebrae.
This is the stone that creates friendships because it amplifies the gift of pleasing others.
Excellent tool for catalyst of energies for the dowser.
It is based at great physical and mental fatigue.

Chemical composition
Sodium and calcium aluminosilicate
The Chakras
On the solar plexus it facilitates friendship

Australia, Madagascar, Mexico, U.S.A., Russia...

The spectrolite is a variety of labradorite in lighter colors.
Reflections and Heavenly colors adorn themselves of divine protection and its secrets.

Lapis lazuli

Effective for rashes, insect bites.
He fought allergies, eczema, herpes, dandruff.
Lapis lazuli fight against hair loss and gives healthy hair.
It relieves fever, headaches, ear pain and depressive States.
It stimulates the action of the lungs and eyes.
It addresses the lymph and thyroid disorders.
It relieves obstructions at the level of the throat, relieves pain caused by cervical osteoarthritis.
It is particularly recommended for all nervous people on which it has a very effective soothing action.
He provides a good sleep and developed intuition.
Symbol of happiness and harmony, stone of love and friendship, it creates around its possessor an aura of tenderness and sympathy.
It helps us to better understand our backups.
It removes our sorrows, our fears and our bottlenecks in the field of our emotions.

Chemical composition
Sulphur aluminum sodium silicate.
The Chakras
Third eye and chrakra of the Summit.

Chile, Afghanistan, Russia...

The Sumerians associated the blue of lapis lazuli in the celestial Vault donating stone of stones from the sky and made him a cult following.
The Egyptians carved their famous amulets in the form of beetle in lapis lazuli.

Tiger's eye

Tiger's eye strengthens the bones and joints.
It has a soothing effect in the case of shortness of breath and asthma.
It calms the nerves.
It fortifies and strengthens the liver.
Inhibits the action of bacteria and regulates the adrenal gland.
Tiger's eye protects against any spells that would have thrown you.
It hunts the negative vibes from home. Feel free to dispose of a few pieces in your home.
Its influence us sheds light on our blockages and helps us to dissolve.
Awareness of the evil bad guy made to his entourage in the making it suffer in turn.
It is a stone of good, evil, and he will make it for you.
Tiger's eye fills us with warmth and security.
Perfect for focus and recharge energy.

Chemical composition
Silicon dioxide.
The Chakras
The plexus and the heart.

Africa South, Australia, United States...

Tiger's eye is the stone of the instinct.
It sharpens the intuition and helps prevent the difficulties inherent to the business and financial enterprises.


Opal has a calming, soothing effect.
It stimulates thinking, promotes sleep.
It helps the fight against infections.
Symbol of tender love, it helps to keep its cool and make good use of anger.
It promotes the relationship the Aquarius and Gemini.
It gives courage to the more timid and protects legitimate businesses.
It requires us to live overruns itself, to overcome our spiritual pride, our mind making jam, our ego.
Powerful stone that holds the principle of the Act cause-effect because the energy that you release, positive or negative, returns to you one way or another.
It pushes us to think and act with wisdom and love.
Symbol of purity, protection, it places the person who wears the hands of God.

Chemical composition
Hydrous silicon dioxide
The Chakras
Seventh chakra, though we prefer affixed it to the chakra corresponds to its color.

Australia, Mexico, Russia, Asia minor, India, U.S.A...

Wedding of Opal = 21 years of marriage.
Regarding iridescent Opal, Brahma gave him his heavenly blue, Vishnu the brightness of the Sun, and Shiva his blood flamboyant.
Rumor has it that noble opal is woe. Especially since the publication of the novel by Walter Scott, Anne of Geierstein. This novel tells the story of the grandmother of Anne who wore a strip set with an Opal reflecting the mood of its owner throwing sparks and small red flashes when she won.
Black opal, found for the first time in the 19th century in Australia, is very rare and a value of the diamond.
Fire opal is transparent, Brown and Red intense when it's not a deep red.
Milky opal is a mixture of Opal and microscopic aggregates of crystals of quartz dendrite and manganese that can draw from delicate black branches to the allure of foam.
The hidrophane is an Opal which loses its water, its iridescence when it is exposed to air, but which can be found if we plunge it into water.
Glass Opal, or Hyalite, is a transparent stone. Its cold appearance, ice, is characteristic.
The Cacholong is an opal to the appearance of porcelain.
Green Opal is colored by many particles of serpentine.
Wood opal is produced by the presence of wood in the opalescent mass.

Le péridot

Efficace pour les petits problèmes de peau comme les boutons noirs et l'acné.
Il est souvent utilisé pour supprimer les aigreurs d'estomac.
Il désintoxique et purifie le système digestif.
Le péridot est une pierre de protection et spécialement pour les gens travaillant dans un milieu médical.
Elle permet de résister aux énergies négatives véhiculées par les patients.
Excellente pour chasser la mélancolie, la tristesse et les idées noires.
Le péridot doit être utilisé seul, ne jamais l'associer à une autre pierre car il perdrait ses propriétés.

Composition chimique
Silicate de magnésium ferreux
Les Chakras
Le chrakra du coeur

Les Gisements
Brésil, mer Rouge, Afrique du sud, U.S.A., Zaïre, Birmanie...

Appelé Olivine pour les variétés les plus foncées et Chrysolite pour les plus claires, le péridot est le symbole du lion dans la tradition anglo-saxonne.
Il servit au Moyen Age à l'ornementation des objets de culte et du mobilier écclésiastique.
Le trésors des Rois mages de la cathédrale de Cologne comprend des péridots.
Rêver qu'on trouve un péridot en bêchant son jardin annonce une nouvelle inattendue ou une visite.

La perle

Effective for stomach ulcers.
It protects the intestines and stimulates digestion.
It decreases the high fevers and strengthens the nerves.
Regulates the adrenal glands, fighting the flu.
It gives the vitality, strengthens eyes and fight against eye diseases.
Also used to compensate for lack of calcium, it strengthens the nails.
Removes the mood swings, gives the initiative, sensitivity and intuition.
It decreases anxiety and fight against hysteria.
It can die. Does not support the makeup, perfume and perspiration.

Chemical composition
Calcium carbonate and organic compounds.
The Chakras
Plexus chakra.
Persian Gulf, the coast of Central America, North of the Australia...

Born under the effect of Flash, the fall of a drop of dew in a shell or a tear of moon, it is the essential symbol of creative womanhood, she is still the trace on Earth of celestial activity.
An ancient Persian legend relates that the Prophet explained his coming:
God comparable to rain servants, when it falls on land she gives birth to wheat, when it falls on the sea it brought forth the beads.


It is a predominantly female stone.
Very valuable in case of sterility and menopause.
It promotes a good hormonal balance.
It is excellent when menstruation pain and disorders of the rules.
After a pregnancy, women will be Moonstone another two months.
It protects from accidents.
It soothes the stomach pain and fight against water retention.
Moonstone enables premonitory dreams.
She is developing intuition.
Adding softness and tolerance for people hard and harsh.
She brings protection to travellers and was lucky.

Chemical composition
Silicate double aluminum and potassium
The Chakras
Second chakra.

Brazil; USA, Australia, India...

Galen called it Moon foam.
Moonstone is sacred in India.
At Ceylon, in the 11th century, was erected a temple to the glory of the Moonstone.
According the legend, the steps of the altar were covered.
Should offer it to the thirteenth wedding anniversary because stone conjure the harmful influence of the thirteen digit.

The sun stone

Hot stone that protects against heart attacks, strengthens the heart.
It stimulates the nervous system.
She fights the nocturnal asthma attacks.
It facilitates the body expression, induces to dance.
This stone reduces the melancholy.
It helps has a restful sleep, protects against nightmares.
Excellent telepathic amplifier.

Chemical composition
Sodium and calcium aluminosilicate
The Chakras
Sacral chakra which binds it to the relational, base chakra.

Norway, U.S.A., Russia, Canada...

Sun stone, called by the ancient stone stellar or star stone because of its gray background interspersed with bright yellow dots.
She was fidgeting and moving when you dipped it in a vinegar-based solution

Quartz pink

Effective for wounds of the skin, chapped skin, abscesses, hematomas.
Fight against inflammations of the genital system, as the fallopian tubes, ovaries.
It removes fears, depressions, insomnia.
Rose quartz brings calm in our hearts and our minds.
It heals the wounds of the soul, gives us tenderness, softness.
He brings love and self-confidence.
Excellent stone home, in a bedroom since it favours the pleasant dreams.

Chemical composition
Silicon dioxide
The Chakras
Heart chakra...

Many in the world...

Rose quartz represents love, the initiation and the serenity.


It is used in general for diseases of the heart, the blood circulation.
It will increase low blood pressure.
It helps blood circulation and regulation of the adrenal gland.
It strengthens the vision, reduces fever.
Strengthens the bronchi and prevents colds.
Decreases diarrhea and intestinal disorders.
Beneficial against arthritis.
It fills our hearts of love toward us even as WS our neighbor.
He fights against pessimism and discouragement and jealousy.
It's love life.
Strongly discouraged to authoritarian and angry people.
Chemical composition
Aluminium oxide
The Chakras
The heart chakra, it brings generosity and compassion. Sacred, it reduces menstrual pain. At the 3rd eye, it will lower the fever.

Burma, Sri lanka, Indochina, Thailand, Brazil, Viet Nam...

It is the unique eye wear in the middle of the front dragons and wyverns. It is then called the Carbuncle.
In the eyes of the alchemists, the Carbuncle symbolizes the philosopher's stone.
In India a legend that huge Ruby illuminate the mansions of the gods.
In the East, Ruby is called drop of blood from the heart of Mother Nature.


Its properties are soft.
It contributes to the regeneration of the skin, hair, nails.
It soothes the nerve pain, arthritis, neuralgia, joint diseases.
It relieves heartburn, colic, stomach cramps.
Painful menstruation to settle down, the bladder is fortified.
It strengthens the eyes, lungs and body.
Effective for pain in the ears, sinus.
He fights against insomnia and dizziness.
Often called the stone of the wise men, the Sapphire is an excellent stone for meditation.
It protects from anger, neurosis, impatience and reduces stuttering.
It represents the harmonic union between people, friendship and peace.
Chemical composition
Aluminium oxide
The Chakras
The heart chakra to resolve deadlocks.
Third eye.

Burma, Sri lanka, Indochina, Thailand, Australia...

The Egyptians and the Romans considered this gem as the sacred truth and justice stone.
The Persians believed that the Earth was based on a Sapphire which lit the sky of his azur.
The table of the law bearing the ten commandments that God gave to Moses was Sapphire.


Sodalite is often confused with lapis lazuli, but it has little significance, it have the same properties.
Although less powerful, its effects are similar, we will have to be more patient to see its results.
Very useful to clarify the mind and relieve our sorrows and anxieties.
It provides a peaceful sleep and brings us premonitory dreams.
Effective in the fight against diabetes, strengthens the thyroid glands.
Stimulating the brain and lymph, it improves blood circulation.
Stone of awakening, she opens the third eye and prepares us to intuition.


Blue Topaz is similar to the aquamarine.
It relieves sore throats, strengthens the voice and is excellent for problems related to the ear.
Topaz Imperial, yellow, provides relaxation, restful sleep and fight against insomnia.
It revitalizes the body and opens the appetite.
It repairs the nervous shocks, stimulates the brain.
It strengthens the glands, purifies the liver and strengthens the spine.

Chemical composition
Aluminium Fluosilicate
The Chakras
The throat chakra, the heart of the solar plexus.

Australia, Burma, Japan, Nigeria, Russia, Sri Lanka...

Symbol of faith, righteousness and loyalty, offer a Topaz is equivalent to give his friendship for ever.
A Topaz that would change color would announce a betrayal.
Tradition assigns the property to inspire the horror of blood. It must offer a Topaz men who decide the war.

La tourmaline

It calms the nerves and strengthens the power of concentration.
It helps cure blood poisoning.
It reduces infections and removes the ringing in the ears.
It regulates hormones and genetic disorders.
A large number of variety makes us describe some of them in detail:
Tourmaline watermelon treats emotional wounds, strengthens the memory.
Useful in case of vertigo, it promotes the reconstruction of cells and strengthens the physical body's defenses.
Black tourmaline, or schorl, is that you need first and foremost.
Consider as fundamental and essential in any work of therapy and meditation, it allows to keep a good rooting.
It is also the stone of protection by excellence.
This stone cancels the rayonnemment of the harmful waves emitted by computer, television or mobile phones. Do not hesitate to ask on these devices to protect you.
It strengthens the muscles and nervous system.
It activates blood circulation and strengthens the heart.
The rubellite or pink tourmaline, purifies the liver and anime lymph and hormones.
It relieves in case of arthritis and strengthens blood vessels.
Dynamic for the heart, it is inappropriate to hypertensive and angry people.
Blue tourmaline strengthens the lungs, larynx, thyroid gland and stimulates the taste.
It activates the metabolism and the thymus, and is favourable for the treatment of ocular dysfunction.
The green tourmaline, verdelite, is useful for all types of blood poisoning, anemia and infectious diseases, epilepsy, chronic fatigue.
It has a dynamic on the immune system.
It acts on the nervous system and the heart sick and overworked.

Chemical composition
Complex silicates of aluminium with iron, magnesium, alkali borosilicate.

The Chakras
chakra of the heart to watermelon tourmaline, rubellite, base chakra for schorl, throat blue, and plexus chakra and heart for the verdelite.

Afghanitan, Australia, Brazil, Russia, Thailand, Angola, Burma, Tanzania...

This ore enjoys a well curious property that attract to him the ashes of the fireplace on which it was.
Tourmaline is considered to be a stone of serenity, peace and wisdom.

La turquoise

Elle favorise la digestion, la circulation sanguine et l'élimination des toxines.
Elle soigne les affections des yeux, des voies nasales, des poumons.
Elle soulage la migraine, combat la nervosité, facilite la déglutition.
Elle influe bénéfiquement sur les reins et la vessie.
En massage, en élixir d'huile douce, elle diminue efficacement les courbatures.
Elle aide à combattre les troubles physiques, l'anorexie ou la boulimie.
Elle est d'un grand secours pour soigner les zones du corps attaquées par des virus et des bactéries.
La turquoise protègerait son possesseur de mauvaise chute et préserverait les marins du naufrage.
Emblème du courage, elle suscite la noblesse des sentiments, l'indulgence et la générosité.
Pierre antidépresseur, la turquoise apporte le bien-être.
Egalement symbole de sagesse, en cas de querelle, elle favorise la réconciliation.
Il est très important d'observer la turquoise lors de son utilisation. Si elle perd de sa couleur ou se fragmente, c'est qu'elle a donné toute sa force et il convient donc de la rendre immédiatement à la terre.

Composition chimique
Phosphate basique hydraté d'aluminium et de cuivre.
Les Chakras
Chakra du cou et de la gorge.

Les Gisements
U.S.A., Tibet, Iran, Pologne, Chili, nouveau Mexique...

Le pharaon Amerenbet II mit au jour les plus vielles mines connues de turquoise.
Les pierres servirent dés cette lointaine époque à fabriquer des amulettes sous formes de scarabées, de fleurs de lotus, de faucons...
La civilisation aztèque vénérait la turquoise, appelée pierre des dieux.
Elle est associée à l'ange Verchiel, un des maîtres de l'ordre des pouvoirs