Miss Poum

A Ribbon of silk adorned with a small Butterfly carved into a semi precious stone. A cylindrical bead in silver 98% and a matching charm (or choice, two cylindrical beads, or a cylindrical beads and skull bone) end to decorate.
You can wrap it around your wrist, your ankle or wear it as a necklace. It is very easily adjustable to your measurements. You will not be able to leave it so it is soft and pretty. It will be delivered with its card of guarantee and authenticity, in a pretty  linen Lalla Chiffon pouch

The Ribbon measures approx 85cm X 2 cm, butterfly approx. 1.5 X 1 cm
Used metal: 925 Silver and silver 98%

Model without clasp (the latter can be purchased separately)

  • Papillon pierre precieuse Lalla Chiffon
  • Bracelet papillon Lalla Chiffon
  • Bracelet Miss Poum Lalla Chiffon amethyste
  • Bracelets papillons pierres precieuses Lalla Chiffon

Click on the photo to see the different colors of silk.

To be second to none you can customize your strap according to your wishes:
Choose your stones
Choose between 120 colors of silk
Choose the composition (clasp or not, number of charms...)

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